The 5 Best Brands For Spearfishing Gear For Advanced Divers

Key Takeaways:

  • Spearfishing gear for advanced divers should be top-quality and designed for maximum performance. Some of the best brands include Riffe, Pathos, Rob Allen, Cressi, and Salvimar.
  • Riffe is a popular brand for advanced spearfishing gear, with a range of spearguns and accessories for experienced divers. Pathos also offers high-quality spearguns and has a reputation for innovative designs.
  • Rob Allen is another popular brand for advanced divers, with a focus on durable equipment and reliable performance. Cressi and Salvimar both offer a range of gear for advanced divers, from spearguns to wetsuits and accessories.

You an advanced spearfishing guru? Searching for the finest kit? It can be hard to locate the ideal equipment for deep-sea diving. But don’t fear! Here’s the top 5 brands of spearfishing gear for experienced divers.


Mares is a renowned name in the world of spearfishing gear, offering high-quality products designed to meet the needs of advanced divers. In this section, we’ll explore the Mares brand in detail, highlighting its key strengths and standout features.

First, we’ll provide an overview of the Mares brand and its history, followed by an in-depth exploration of the top products from Mares, including their standout features and how they can benefit advanced spearfishing enthusiasts.

Overview of Mares Gear

Searching for top-notch spearfishing gear for experienced divers? Look no further than Mares! Renowned for their innovation, durability, and specialty in free diving and snorkeling.

Their equipment is designed for hydrodynamics and rigidity, for accuracy and power when hunting. Some of their best merchandise includes the Cressi Comanche speargun, Sten pneumatic spearguns, Pathos Sniper Roller, Beuchat Espadon Sport, and Cressis SL Star speargun.

Apart from Mares, there are other excellent brands for scuba and spearfishing gear:

  • Cressi is famed for their state-of-the-art BCDs, dive computers, wetsuits, masks, regulators, and fins.
  • Aqua Lung is great for dive accessories and items for different levels of divers.
  • Scubapro has innovative dive outfitter, retailers, and dive gear.
  • AERIS specializes in dive computers, regulators, and BCDs, perfect for female divers.
  • Kraken is unique, providing powerful, top-notch spearguns.

When shopping for spearfishing gear, consider the length, diameter, material of the shaft, type of band-powered, reversed trigger mechanism, and ergonomic handles. Rely on Mares and the other leading brands for the gear you need for a successful spearfishing experience.

Top Products from Mares

Mares is a leader in providing spearfishing and scuba diving gear for advanced divers. To help you decide, we’ve made a list of the best products from Mares.

  1. Angled Volo Fins – These fins give maximum accuracy and power for aiming. There are five sizes, with a 0.24 inch shaft diameter and 10.8 inch band length.
  2. Riffe Edc Dive Knife – This tool has both smooth and serrated edges, plus webbing and line cutters. It has a corrosion-proof ceramic blade for scuba and spearfishing.
  3. Sea Dragon Compact Dive Light – This compact light has a bright beam and easy grip. Great for nighttime spearfishing.
  4. Cressi Aquawing BCD – Made of super-stretchy neoprene for comfort. Features plenty of adjustment points.
  5. Viper Pro Speargun – This speargun has an angled handle for precise shots. Anti-corrosion aluminum tubes reduce barrel bending. Comes in four sizes, popular with experienced spearfishers.

When buying spearfishing gear, think about your level, specializations and preferences. With our top-rated Mares products, you can have a safe and enjoyable underwater experience.


When it comes to spearfishing gear for advanced divers, Cressi is a brand that stands out. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at Cressi and what makes it such a great choice for spearfishing enthusiasts.

First, we’ll provide an overview of the brand and what sets it apart from the competition. Then, we’ll highlight some of the top products from Cressi that advanced divers should consider adding to their spearfishing kit. Whether you’re new to Cressi or a longtime fan, this section will provide valuable insight into what makes this brand so exceptional.

Overview of Cressi Gear

Cressi is a renowned European brand offering gear for spearfishing. Beginners and experts alike can find dry suits, cutting tools, dive lights, and spearguns. Here are some top spearguns from Cressi:

  1. The Mohawk Speargun: This is great for experienced spearos. It has a low-profile and an aluminum barrel, ideal for targeting fish.
  2. The Geronimo Elite Speargun: This speargun is hydrodynamic and has a patented side line release. Perfect for catching bigger fish.
  3. The Comanche Speargun: Available in different lengths and power levels. It has an enclosed track and a pistol-style handle.
  4. The Apache Speargun: This is the entry-level gun. It has different lengths and a built-in flotation system. Ideal for young spearfishers.
  5. The SL Speargun: This is an upgraded model with a pumping handle, firing mechanism, and bright yellow handle. It also includes a reducer.

Pro Tip: Before buying gear, consider your skill level, target fish, and diving environment. With Cressi, all spearos can find the ideal speargun.

Top Products from Cressi

Cressi is a popular brand for spearfishing gear. Their items are ideal for both advanced and beginner spearfishers. Let’s have a look at two of their top products.

  1. Cressi F-Dual: This speargun is lightweight, accurate and has a low-profile. It has a 1-inch (25 mm) aluminum barrel that floats. It is available in many lengths, making it great for shallow water spearfishing. But, it takes a bit more time to reload, which may not be good for youngsters or larger fish.

    Specs & Features:

    • Total Length Without Shaft: 25.6 to 49.2 inches (75 cm to 125 cm)
    • Band Diameter: 0.63 inches (16 mm)
    • Braided Polyamide Line: 19.69 to 35.43 inches (50 cm to 90 cm)

    Overall Review:

    • Great value
    • Precise
    • Lightweight
    • Barrel floats
    • Tougher to load the longer guns
    • Not ideal for young spearfishers or bigger fish
    • An updated model can fire about 20 shots before reloading and is easy to find on the seabed without the shaft.
  2. Cressi Tecnica: This gun has a hydrodynamic muzzle, safety catch, and a solid techno-polymer shock-absorber. It has a sleek and low-profile design, allowing for fast movement underwater. It may not be perfect for shooting big fish, but it is great for accuracy and maneuverability.

    Specs & Features:

    • Total Length: 23.6 to 43.3 inches (110 cm)
    • Shaft Diameter: 0.24 inches (6 mm)

    Overall Review:

    • Lots of length options
    • High power
    • Sleek and low-profile design
    • Short band length, hard to pull back for loading
    • Longer bands can be added, but the line might snap
    • No line release or shock cord wishbone that can break
    • Not ideal for huge fish, but great for accuracy and maneuverability.

In short, Cressi has an amazing variety of spearfishing gear for everyone. Think about your needs and the type of game you want to hunt to find the perfect gear.

Rob Allen

When it comes to selecting the right spearfishing gear for advanced divers, Rob Allen is a name that often comes up in discussion. In this section, we will take a closer look at the brand and its products to see what makes it so popular among spearfishing enthusiasts.

The first part will provide a comprehensive overview of Rob Allen Gear, highlighting the brand’s history, philosophy, and design standards. We will then move on to explore some of the top products that Rob Allen offers, and what makes them stand out from other spearfishing gear on the market.

Rob Allen -The 5 Best Brands for Spearfishing Gear for Advanced Divers,

Image credits: spearfishinglog.com by Adam Duncun

Overview of Rob Allen Gear

Rob Allen is a renowned manufacturer of spearfishing gear for advanced divers. Their production units are located in Italy and the US. They make knives and dive lights with stainless steel and titanium, featuring serrated teeth and textured handles.

The Sherwood St1000 spear gun is renowned for its manoeuvrability even in small spaces. The Hog 1000 Lumen Rechargeable Light DL-20 has great capabilities for identifying large game species.

The XS Scuba Inspire provides superb work of breathing scores, helping divers conserve oxygen and energy for longer dives. The Kraken Hydra 15000 WRGBU offers amazing underwater coverage. The Kraken Hydra 1500+ WSR illuminates even dark corners with a 100-degree white flood.

Rob Allen’s gun is an accurate, balanced, and dependable choice. It is 10.8 inches (27.5 cm) long, with different lengths available. It is powerful, although it is hard to pull back. But, adding a line release can make it less prone to break. It has a stylish design with a reverse trigger mechanism and stabilizer. This triggers it with ease and offers full-powered firing. Its range of 20 shots can be re-pumped for continued use. Great for young spearfishers who may not be strong enough.

Rob Allen’s gear line offers precision, quality construction, various lengths, diameters, and floating options that are great value for money. Pro tip: Rob Allen’s affordable gear lets you start spearfishing today without breaking the bank.

Top Products from Rob Allen

Rob Allen is a popular brand that makes top-notch spearfishing gear for advanced divers. Their products are some of the best in the market.

For instance, their ZrO2 & Tekna Rescue Edge knives are strong and sturdy. They are made from either stainless steel or titanium for extra protection underwater.

The Seallife Sea Dragon device is small and easy to use. It has a recessed push-button for quick maneuvering.

Kraken Hydra 1500+ WSR dive light from Bigblue Dive Lights VTL4200P is great for spearfishers. It provides a powerful 120-degree flood beam.

Scubapro Level fins give divers more freedom in the water, allowing them to go after their prey without struggling to stay afloat.

Sherwood Luna Magenta BCD has sternum straps for ultimate reliability.

Apeks Exotec aluminum plate comes with G-hook sternum strap for speedy and efficient movement.

Fourth Element Xenos mask has high-grade materials and tear-drop lenses for clear vision.

Tusa Paragon S mask has UV-420 lens technology and a powerful walking design.

For an optimal experience, pick spearfishing gear that fits your level of skill. To find more, visit a nearby store.

Omer Sub

Omer Sub is a brand that needs no introduction among the spearfishing community. Known for their exceptional quality and performance, Omer Sub offers a wide range of gear for advanced divers. In this section, we will provide an in-depth overview of Omer Sub gear and explore what makes it stand out in the market. We will also highlight the top products from Omer Sub and discuss what makes them reliable choices for serious spearfishers. Join us as we dive into the world of Omer Sub and discover some of the best spearfishing gear available in the market.

Overview of Omer Sub Gear

Omer Sub Gear is a renowned spearfishing equipment maker. Their Stainless-Steel and Titanium Knife is an ideal choice for experienced and novice spear-pros alike. It’s small and sleek, making it easy to handle quickly. Its barrel-bending risk is low. It also has adjustable sternum straps and a lightweight aluminum plate for comfort.

The Sealife Sea Dragon is another great tool from Omer Sub Gear. Its super-wide beam is great for hunting, and it’s neutrally buoyant. The line may be short, but it’s possible to replace it with a longer one. This product is a great example of good spearfishing gear.

Kraken Hydra 1500+ WSR is a powerful spearfishing tool. It comes in a range of lengths and has an ergonomic grip. It’s smooth, making it comfy to hold with gloves. Some customers, though, have complained about the lack of a line release, which could lead to snapping.

Cressi Apache Aluminum Spearfishing Speargun is made in USA and comes in four lengths. It’s balanced and has loading grooves and different power options. Reloading takes longer, though, so it might not be suitable for unskilled spearfishers.

Riffe Euro Speargun Series is another top-rated brand. It offers many lengths, making it simple to find the right one. It has a diameter aluminum barrel that floats and is well-balanced. But, its seals are prone to leakage, so one must be careful.

Pro Tip: When selecting your spearfishing gear, take into account your skill level, the size of fish you’re hunting, and your preferred hunting style.

Top Products from Omer Sub

Omer Sub is an American spearfishing store known for stocking a wide range of high-quality gear. Let’s check out some of the top products they offer.

  • Kraken Hydra 1500+ WSR is a powerful dive light offering 1500+ lumens and a compact design. It’s designed for experienced spearfishers with different lengths, and can withstand barrel bending.
  • Mares Viper Pro is perfect for beginners. It has great power, ergonomic grip and aim, and comes in all sizes. Plus, it’s easy to transport!
  • AB Biller Stainless Steel Spear Gun is made in America with anodized aluminum. It has a range of 16.5 – 33.1 inches (42 – 84 cm) and a diameter of 0.31 inches (8 mm). Though some customers find the tip could be improved, the instruction manual makes it easy to use and maintain.
  • JBL Magnum 450 is great for younger spearfishers. It floats and has 20 shots before reloading. It can fire at full power while swimming upside down or sideways. However, reloading takes longer.
  • Cressi Mohawk is stylish with a diameter of 0.28 inches (7 mm). It’s good for younger or smaller fishers, and its shaft quality is high. However, the line is shorter than some would prefer.

Omer Sub has you covered with their range of products – whether you’re seasoned or a beginner! Happy hunting!


In the world of spearfishing, finding high-quality gear is paramount for advanced divers. Beuchat is a brand that has been providing top-notch spearfishing equipment for over 80 years. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at Beuchat’s offerings.

First, we’ll provide an overview of Beuchat’s dedication to innovative design and quality construction. Then, we’ll showcase some of their top products, highlighting what sets them apart from the competition.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a novice, Beuchat’s gear is certainly worth considering for your next spearfishing excursion.

Overview of Beuchat Gear

Beuchat is renowned in the spearfishing world, especially for experienced hunters. The Beuchat Marlin Pacific Railgun stands out. It’s small, simple to handle and has an ergonomic grip. Though, customers have said the line is weak and may break easily. Yet, it’s floatable and fits in a catch bag.

The Kraken Hydra 1500+ WSR is a powerful torch for advanced divers. It has great power and length options. Plus, it’s able to release floatation. However, some users have found it difficult to pull it back. It also has the ability to fire short bursts or use a continuous beam.

The Beuchat Mundial backpack is perfect for storing spearfishing items. It comes in various lengths, is built to float and looks stylish. Reloading may take longer, and some users may find it too weak. It’s easy to locate, and its shafts are good quality and replaceable.

Beuchat gear is high-quality but requires strength to use it effectively.

Top Products from Beuchat

Beuchat is a renowned name for spearfishing gear in the United States.

Here are the top products from Beuchat that divers can trust:

  1. The Marlin Revolution Speargun. It has a compact size, great power and looks great. But some users find it hard to pull back and the line could be stronger.
  2. The Mundial 2 Spearfishing Knife. It comes in different lengths and offers increased speed. It has an ergonomic design too. But reloading takes time.
  3. The Maxlux S Mask. It fits easily into a catch bag and enhances accuracy. It needs physical strength to operate.
  4. The Marlin Pacific Competition Speargun. It has a quick firing ability. But reloading is not ideal.
  5. The Marlin Elite Carbon Speargun. It is lightweight, long and easy to replace. It has a comfortable grip and a sleek design.

Beuchat offers great products to make spearfishing an enjoyable experience.

Summary of Top Brands for Advanced Spearfishing Gear

Experts in spearfishing need the perfect gear for a successful and enjoyable experience. Here is a summary of the top brands for advanced spearfishing gear. Plus, details on their unique features and specifications!

Rob Allen’s spearfishing gear offers a powerful and piercing beam. The Kraken Hydra 1500+ WSR is popular, as it has an ergonomic grip for comfortable handling. Some customers report issues with it breaking or bending the barrel.

Mares gear is robust and affordable. The Mares Cyrano speargun is powerful and comes in various lengths. It may be difficult to pull back, and takes longer to reload.

Cressi has a sleek design and quality shaft. The Cressi Mohicano is great, with a full-length momentum release after firing. It may not be strong enough for seasoned spear-pros, allowing only around 20 shots.

Riffe produces some of the best spearfishing gear. The Euro Series allows for multiple shots and can be customized. Perfect for serious hunters!

Pathos is a newer brand with high-quality gear. The Pathos Laser Open Pro is durable, with lengths ranging from 16.5 to 33.1 inches. It takes longer to reload.

To summarize, these brands offer unique features and specs. Find the right gear for a successful spearfishing trip. These brands have some of the best products on the market.

Recommendation for Best Brand and Products for Advanced Divers

Advanced divers need the right brand and gear to get a great catch. Here are our top five:

  1. Kraken – Hydra 1500+ WSR: A powerful flashlight for clear sight in murky waters.
  2. Pathos: Sleek, powerful spearfishing guns with an ergonomic grip to avoid barrel bending.
  3. Cressi: Entry-level guns with variable lengths. But, some have complained about them breaking easily.
  4. Rob Allen: Stylish designs, but the shaft quality is not always the best. Varied lengths and comfortable for long use.
  5. JBL: Offers 20 shots. Low price point and great for beginners.

When picking spearfishing gear, consider the specs, features, and quality. Sleek design and the length of the gun can help the hunt. Try different models, test the power, and become comfortable firing before a hunt.

Five Facts About The 5 Best Brands for Spearfishing Gear for Advanced Divers:

  • ✅ Cressi is a leading brand for spearfishing gear and offers high-quality spearguns and wetsuits for advanced divers. (Source: Scuba Diver Life)
  • ✅ Rob Allen is popular among advanced spearfishers for their durable and accurate spearguns. (Source: Spearfishing World)
  • ✅ Riffe offers top-of-the-line spearguns and spearfishing accessories, such as reels and fins, for advanced divers. (Source: Divein.com)
  • ✅ Omer is known for innovative spearfishing gear, such as their comfortable and flexible wetsuits and carbon fiber fins. (Source: Spearblog)
  • ✅ Mares offers high-quality and reliable spearfishing gear, such as their Viper spearguns and fins designed for maximum power and speed. (Source: Spearfishing Today)

FAQs about The 5 Best Brands For Spearfishing Gear For Advanced Divers

What are the top 5 brands for spearfishing gear for advanced divers?

Some of the best brands for spearfishing gear for advanced divers are Kraken, Hydra, WSR, Shark Shield, and SpearPro.

What features should I look for in high-powered spearfishing gear for an overwhelming experience?

When looking for high-powered spearfishing gear, you should consider the maneuverability, the risk of barrel bending, and the ergonomically designed grip. A shining example of high-power gear is the Kraken Hydra 1500+ WSR, which not only provides a great amount of power but also allows you to maneuver quickly.

What are the best entry-level options for spearfishing gear?

For those new to spearfishing, some great entry-level options include Shark Shield, SpearPro, and WSR. These brands offer high-quality options that won’t break the bank.

What are the specs and features of the Kraken Hydra 1500+ WSR?

The Kraken Hydra 1500+ WSR offers a choice of different lengths, from 42 cm to 84 cm, and a great amount of power to help hunters catch even the biggest fish. However, some customers complain about its tendency to break.

What are the specs and features of SpearPro’s sleek-looking spearfishing gear?

SpearPro’s spearfishing gear offers a sleek and stylish design that is comfortable to hold and comes in a variety of lengths. Our overall review of this gear is positive, but you need to be strong to handle it as it struggles for around 20 shots off.

What is one great feature of WSR’s spearfishing gear?

One great feature of WSR’s spearfishing gear is that it allows you to fire quickly and with ease, making it a favorite among hunters in the sport.