The Best Spearfishing Bags And Backpacks: A Review Of The Top 5 Options

Key Takeaway:

  • The best spearfishing bags and backpacks should have a durable and waterproof design to protect your gear from the water and weather conditions. Look for high-quality materials such as PVC, polyester, and nylon.
  • The size and compartments of the bag or backpack should be tailored to your needs and the type of gear you use for spearfishing. Consider factors such as the length and width of your fins, the number of spears, and the type of wetsuit you use.
  • Additional features to look for include padded shoulder straps for comfort, exterior pockets for easy access to frequently used gear, and a drainage system to remove excess water and prevent mold and mildew from developing.

Seeking the ideal spearfishing bag or backpack? It’s your lucky day! Get ready to discover the top five bags and backpacks for spearfishing. That way, you can pick the one that meets your requirements. Don’t let an awkward bag or pack mar your next spearfishing experience!

Importance of Protecting Your Gear

Protecting your gear is a must for any spearfishing fan. Specialized items like spearguns, fins, and snorkeling gear need proper care for them to last. Buy a good-quality spearfishing bag or backpack to both protect and make things easier.

Take a look at these 5 options:

  1. Scuba Choice Spearfishing Backpack: Comes with a speargun carry system and comfy backpack straps. Great for beginners and pros alike. Not best for long hikes or biking. Reasonable cost.
  2. Bulex Snorkeling Gear Bag: Outstanding quality and value. Perfect for freediving lovers. Big size can fit fins, snorkeling gear, and a wetsuit.
  3. Kraken Aquatics Mesh Duffle Gear Bag: Entry-level option for fins and snorkeling gear. Tough and good for short trips and home storage.
  4. Skog A Kust Dry Bag: 100% waterproof. Perfect for wet activities such as kayaking or rafting. Sturdy build to protect your gear.
  5. Athletico Scuba Diving Bag: Extra room for spare shaft holders. Suitable for experienced spearfishing pros. Convenient for long hikes and even plane travel.

These high-quality options differ in design, function, and cost. Think about your needs and budget when choosing. Protect your gear and get the best out of your spearfishing experience with the right bag or backpack.

Convenience and Comfort on Your Dive

Choosing the right spearfishing equipment is key for serious spearfishers. A trusty bag or backpack is a must! Here’s a review of some top options:

  • Cressi Comanche: Anti-corrosion aluminum and precision. Best for pros, but challenging for beginners.
  • Mares Sten: Hydrodynamic muzzle and side line release. Good for both pros and beginners.
  • Pathos Sniper Roller: Load grooves and stabilizer. Lightweight and easy to use. Beginner-friendly.
  • Beuchat Espadon Sport: Pistol-style handle. Accurate but less powerful for pros.
  • Cressi SL Star: Pump-action. Power reducer. Great for beginners but not enough for pros.

Spearfishing bags are also important. Fins Gear Bag is great for travel and transport. Spacious, durable, and comfy. Snorkeling bags are cheaper. Lightweight and easy to carry.

For the best quality, get Rob Allen Tuna Railgun. Band-powered, pneumatic, and roller spearguns. Expensive but worth it. Or, Hammerhead Evolution 2. Reverse trigger mechanism and Dyneema wishbones. Performance and durability at a good price.

The right bag or backpack is essential for a successful spearfishing experience. Think budget and consumer experience.

Efficiency and Organization of Your Equipment

Organization and efficiency of your gear is super important when you’re spearfishing alone. For pro and novice spear-fishers, high-powered spearguns are needed. There are two types: band-powered and pneumatic.

The AB Biller speargun is a classic band-powered option that is popular for its durability and for shooting pelagics. The JBL African Mahogany Spear Gun is another trusted band-powered choice, with handles and mechanisms that offer accuracy and power. Two great pneumatic spearguns are the JBL Carbine Speargun and Cyrano 1.1 HFT. The Elite Woody Magnum 450 and Koah Battle Axe 48 are great too, with GoPro mounts and easy-to-use pumping systems.

For bags and backpacks, choose ones that are spacious and resistant to corrosion. The top five include: Mares Cruise Backpack Pro, Cressi Long Fins Bag, Rob Allen Large Gear Bag, Biller Wet/Dry Bag, and Riffe Standard Fish Stringer.

In conclusion, efficient spearfishing gear organization is key when you’re on your own. The right speargun and quality bags and backpacks can make your adventure much more enjoyable.

Top 5 Spearfishing Bags and Backpacks

In the exciting world of spearfishing, having the right bag or backpack can make all the difference. In this section, we’ll review the top five spearfishing bags and backpacks on the market today. We’ll explore the features and benefits of each option, and highlight what sets these bags apart from the competition. Our review will be divided into three sub-sections:

  1. The importance of protecting your gear
  2. Convenience and comfort on your dive
  3. The efficiency and organization of your equipment

So, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, read on to find the perfect spearfishing bag or backpack to suit your needs.

Cressi Patrol Bag

The Cressi Patrol Bag is a great mix of top-notch quality and affordability. It’s the best entry-level bag for spearfishing gear, like spearguns, fins and wetsuits. Its low-profile design makes it perfect for travel, and it’s made of anti-corrosive aluminum tubes. Plus, it has a shock-absorber to protect your gear.

The JBL Carbine Speargun is the best band-powered gun for experts. It has a 45-degree polymer handle that’s comfy to use. Plus, its corrosion-resistant materials and M8 mechanism give it extra power and accuracy. The stainless steel tips and Dyneema wishbones make sure it shoots well.

The D7 is an amazing speargun. It’s top-of-the-line and great value. It has a hydroformed external barrel that boosts accuracy. And, it has a mounting rail and an enclosed track that keep the shaft in place.

The Best of the Best spearfishing backpack is ideal for freediving gear. It’s neutrally buoyant and comfy to wear with straps. It has an ergonomic 45-degree angled handle and aerospace-grade aluminum for strength.

To choose the best gear for your skill level and budget, consider the reviewed spearfishing bags and backpacks. Read our review and hit the water with confidence!

Mares Attack Backpack

Looking for great spearfishing bags and backpacks? Check out the Mares Attack Backpack! It’s one of the top 5 options, with anti-corrosion aluminum tubes, loading grooves and top-notch construction. Plus, it’s great for both beginners and pros.

Alternatively, try the JBL Carbine Speargun, made of mahogany wood and stainless steel. Or, get the Rob Allen Tuna Roller Bag, with nylon-coated Dyneema wishbones and a trigger.

For travel, the Riffe Travel Speargun Bag is the way to go. It has an ergonomic 45-degree angled handle. And, the Salvimar Waterproof Gear Bag is great for protecting your gear from water damage.

These top 5 bags and backpacks will suit any spearfisher. For more detailed reviews, visit product pages or talk to your local shop.

Riffe Utility Backpack

The Riffe Utility Backpack is a great pick for any spearfishing fan! It’s got hardened stainless steel tips for your band-powered spearguns. Plus, it’s ergonomic design includes a 45-degree angled handle. It’s capable of freeshafting and lineshafting to fit your preferences. Lots of padding and support for long trips too. It’s perfect for biking, hiking, and even motorcycle rides! The Riffe Utility Backpack is top-notch quality and functionality – the best choice in spearfishing bags and backpacks!

Salvimar Maxalea Roller Bag

The Salvimar Maxalea Roller Bag is a great choice for spearfishing fans. Its three-piece M8 mechanism means it’s compatible with the JBL Carbine Speargun. Plus, there are stainless steel triggers, and a ergonomic 45-degree angled handle. It’s also a great travel bag – fitting easily into overhead compartments and on bike rides. It’s both high quality and affordable – ideal for the world of spearfishing.

Read our full review to find out more – pros and cons. In conclusion, this bag is a great, comfortable choice for all your spearfishing needs.

Omer Gear Backpack

The Omer Gear Backpack is a great pick for spearfishing bags. It’s good value and well made. The main compartment holds the gear, such as a JBL Carbine Speargun. Plus, there’s a front pocket. The backpack has a 45-degree angled handle. So, it’s comfortable to carry, even on long bike rides. The straps, zippers, and pockets are all well-constructed. It’s not as feature-packed as more expensive bags, but it’s still a good choice. It’s functional, durable, and a great option for beginners or experienced spearfishers!

Cressi Patrol Bag

In the world of spearfishing, having a reliable and secure bag or backpack to store all of your gear is crucial. In this section, we will focus on one of the top spearfishing bags on the market: the Cressi Patrol Bag. We will examine its features, pros, and cons to give you an idea of whether this bag would be a good fit for your needs. Additionally, we will briefly compare this bag to other top options, including the Mares Attack Backpack, Riffe Utility Backpack, Salvimar Maxalea Roller Bag, and Omer Gear Backpack.

Features and Benefits

The Cressi Patrol Bag is the perfect entry-level category backpack for spearfishing enthusiasts – new and old alike. It has ample storage for essentials such as fins, spearguns, masks and snorkels. A cool insulated bag is included for keeping fish fresh! Plus, it’s made from strong nylon material and can withstand tough outdoor conditions.

This backpack’s ergonomic design includes compartments for a JBL Carbine Speargun and bike-friendly options for securely mounting on bike racks. The adjustable straps make it comfortable to carry on longer trips.

It offers great value for money, superior quality, comfort, durability and versatility. A must-have for any spearfishing enthusiast!

Pros and Cons

The Cressi Patrol Bag is a great pick for experienced spear-fishers! Its ergonomic design and plentiful storage make it a top choice. It offers room to store all your spearfishing gear, including your gun and wet gear. Plus, it has heavy-duty zippers, high-grade materials, and durable stitching. The straps are padded and comfortable, making it easy to carry. This bag offers excellent value for its price range.

But, it does have some drawbacks. The backpack is bulky and not suitable for bike riding. Also, it’s not compatible with longer guns like the JBL Carbine Speargun. And, some users have mentioned the lack of an ergonomically designed 45-degree handle.

Despite these cons, the Cressi Patrol Bag is still a great option for spear-fishers. It provides storage, quality construction, versatility, and affordability.

Mares Attack Backpack

In this section, we will explore the Mares Attack Backpack, one of the top 5 options for the best spearfishing bags and backpacks. Specifically, we will focus on the features and benefits of this backpack, as well as its potential drawbacks. By examining the Mares Attack Backpack in such detail, you’ll gain a thorough understanding of what makes it stand out from other spearfishing backpacks on the market. Whether you are a seasoned spearfisherman or just beginning, this review will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Mares Attack Backpack-The Best Spearfishing Bags and Backpacks: A Review of the Top 5 Options,

Image credits: spearfishinglog.com by Yuval Woodhock

Features and Benefits

The Mares Attack Backpack is the top pick for spearfishing gear! It’s spacious and perfect for both pros and beginners. You can easily fit all your gear, such as the JBL Carbine Speargun. It also has padded shoulder straps that provide extra comfort and support. It’s a great value – high quality and unbeatable price. Plus, its ergonomically designed 45-degree angled handle makes it easy to carry.

Spearfishing enthusiasts love it, and it’s clear why: it’s spacious, comfortable, and high-performing! If you’re looking for a top-notch spearfishing backpack, the Mares Attack Backpack is the one to get.

Pros and Cons

Mares Attack Backpack is a top-rated spearfishing bag. It offers lots of advantages and has some drawbacks. Experienced spearfishers love it, as it can carry a full set of freediving gear, including fins, wetsuit, mask, snorkel, and even the JBL Carbine Speargun.

However, it may not be comfortable for people with broader shoulders. Plus, its price is competitive, but its durability might not make it a great long-term investment.

User reviews say it has a practical design, with a 61-liter capacity, enough for essential accessories. It’s the perfect choice for spearfishers who value practicality over style.

Riffe Utility Backpack

In this section, we’ll be taking a closer look at the Riffe Utility Backpack – one of the top 5 spearfishing bags and backpacks on the market. It’s important to know the features and benefits of your spearfishing gear, and this backpack is no exception. We’ll explore the unique features that set the Riffe Utility Backpack apart from the competition, and detail the benefits of each. Additionally, we’ll weigh the pros and cons of this backpack, providing an unbiased assessment of its overall value.

Features and Benefits

The Riffe Utility Backpack is the perfect choice for pro spear-fishers. It stands out due to its quality, features & benefits. The bag’s main compartment can easily hold JBL Carbine Spearguns & other spearfishing equipment. Padded shoulder straps make the backpack comfortable to carry. Plus, it’s waterproof inside & out. The exterior is also covered with an abrasion-resistant material. All in all, this backpack is an affordable and top-quality choice for spear-fishers. It provides plenty of features & benefits.

Pros and Cons

Considering the Riffe Utility Backpack as a spearfishing bag? Pros & cons to consider.


  • Ample storage. 62 liters capacity – one of the largest. Many pockets & storage options. Front-loading spear gun saddle fits the JBL Carbine Speargun.
  • Comfort. Padded straps & back panel. Ergonomically designed. Ideal for long periods on the water.
  • Value. Competitively priced compared to other top-performing spearfishing bags.


  • Uncomfy when fully loaded. Reports of discomfort with a full spear gun saddle.
  • Durability. Questions about longevity when compared to more expensive bags.

Bottom line: Great option if you desire space & comfort with desirable features for a great price. However, if durability & load capacity are significant, explore other options.

Salvimar Maxalea Roller Bag

If you’re an avid spearfisher, you know just how essential it is to have the right gear for the job. The Salvimar Maxalea Roller Bag is one such piece of gear that can make all the difference on your next spearfishing trip. In this section of our review of the top five spearfishing bags and backpacks, we will focus specifically on the Salvimar Maxalea Roller Bag. We’ll take a close look at its features and benefits, as well as its pros and cons, so that you can determine whether this is the right bag for your next underwater adventure.

Features and Benefits

The Salvimar Maxalea Roller Bag is the perfect pick for spearfishing pros and beginners alike. It has compartments to fit long spearguns like the JBL Carbine Speargun. Plus, it’s made of waterproof and durable material to protect gear from harsh environments. No more uncomfortable backpacks!

This bag has a retractable handle and rolling wheels for easy transport and storage. Adjustable straps make it ultra-portable. It even has impressive features and benefits. So, if you want a storage solution that offers ample capacity, protection, and convenience, the Salvimar Maxalea Roller Bag is it!

Pros and Cons

The Salvimar Maxalea Roller Bag is a great pick for seasoned spear-pros. It’s specially designed to handle the weight and bulk of your gear. It boasts a whopping 88 liters of space to store your speargun, wetsuit, fins, mask, and other accessories.

The bag is made of heavy-duty nylon material that can take a beating and protect your gear from scratches. It also features roller wheels and a telescopic handle for easy transport.

But, it’s one of the pricier options out there. And, when loaded with gear, it can be bottom-heavy and difficult to maneuver. When compared to JBL Carbine Speargun, it may not give you the best value.

However, its quality and durability make it an ideal choice for seasoned spear-pros. Add this to your collection and you won’t regret it.

Omer Gear Backpack

Looking for the perfect spearfishing backpack can be difficult, but the Omer Gear Backpack is a great option to consider. In this section, we will take a closer look at the Omer Gear Backpack and explore its unique features and benefits. We’ll examine what sets it apart from other spearfishing backpacks on the market, and how it can enhance your underwater experience. Additionally, we’ll discuss its pros and cons, so you can determine if the Omer Gear Backpack is the right fit for your spearfishing needs.

Omer Gear Backpack-The Best Spearfishing Bags and Backpacks: A Review of the Top 5 Options,

Image credits: spearfishinglog.com by Harry Duncun

Features and Benefits

The Omer Gear Backpack is great for spearfishing. It has lots of storage space and padded straps, so you won’t feel weighed down. Plus, its back support adds extra comfort.

The backpack is made with premium materials for heavy-duty construction and quality. Its roll-top design and water-resistant materials make it perfect for adventures. They’ll keep your gear safe and dry.

The Omer Gear Backpack is worth the price. It has great features and benefits. If you’re looking for a high-end spearfishing backpack, this is the one for you.

Pros and Cons

The Omer Gear Backpack for spearfishing has pros and cons.


  • Roomy: plenty of room for spearguns, wetsuits and accessories.
  • Tough: made of high-grade materials.
  • Comfy: padded shoulder straps and back panel.


  • Pricey: more costly than other options.
  • Small storage: might not fit a JBL Carbine Speargun.
  • Not great value: quality, but not the best value.

In conclusion, this backpack is great for spearfishing fans who need something durable and comfortable. But, it’s expensive and doesn’t hold all items.

Considerations When Choosing

Choosing a speargun bag or backpack? Consider these factors: size, material, and features like padded straps and compartments.

We researched, tested, and found the 5 best options. For budget-savers, the Mares Cruise Spearfishing Backpack is top pick for Best Bang for the Buck. Quality at an affordable price point!

To decide, check out our table. It compares the key features of all 5 options. Remember size, material, and features when picking the best one for you.

Recommended Options for Your Needs

Choosing the best spearfishing bag? Consider size, durability, water resistivity, and ease of access. After a thorough review of the top 5 brands, we confidently recommend the Cressi Gorilla Pro XL. It offers high quality, plenty of storage, and comfy shoulder straps.

On a budget? The JBL Carbine Speargun Bag is great. It’s compact, rugged, and reasonably priced. All bags protect your gear during transport. So, go confidently into the water knowing your gear is safe!

Five Facts About The Best Spearfishing Bags and Backpacks:

  • ✅ A good spearfishing bag or backpack should be durable and waterproof to protect your gear. (Source: Spearboard)
  • ✅ One of the top options on the market is the Riffe Pelagi-Tek backpack with a capacity of up to 120 liters. (Source: Spearfishing Today)
  • ✅ Another popular choice is the Mares Attack Backpack, which includes a detachable spear gun bag. (Source: Dive In)
  • ✅ The Cressi Gorilla Pro bag is designed specifically for transporting long fins, and can accommodate fins up to 39 inches in length. (Source: Sport Diver)
  • ✅ The Seac Mate Net DX Backpack features a built-in net for carrying your catch, as well as several other compartments for storing gear. (Source: Spearfishing World)

FAQs about The Best Spearfishing Bags And Backpacks: A Review Of The Top 5 Options

What are the top 5 spearfishing bags and backpacks based on overall quality?

After thorough research and testing, our top 5 picks for the best spearfishing bags and backpacks based on overall quality are:

  1. Cressi Dry Gara Backpack
  2. Pelican Mobile Protect Backpack
  3. Mares Attack Backpack
  4. Riffe Digi-Tek Backpack
  5. Xcel Dry Bag Backpack

What materials are these spearfishing bags and backpacks made of?

These spearfishing bags and backpacks are made of high-quality materials such as waterproof nylon, PVC, and polyester. They are also designed with durable zippers, straps, and handles to withstand the harsh underwater environment.

Are these spearfishing bags and backpacks waterproof?

Yes, all of the spearfishing bags and backpacks on our list are waterproof. They are designed to keep your gear dry even when submerged in water. However, we recommend testing the bag or backpack’s waterproof capabilities before use.

What size are these spearfishing bags and backpacks?

The size of these spearfishing bags and backpacks varies, but all of them are designed to fit all the necessary gear you need for a successful spearfishing adventure. They range from small to extra-large sizes, with different compartments and pockets for better organization.

Can these spearfishing bags and backpacks be used for other water activities?

Yes, these spearfishing bags and backpacks can be used for other water activities such as kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, snorkeling, and diving. Their sturdy and waterproof construction makes them suitable for any water-based activity.

Do these spearfishing bags and backpacks come with a warranty?

Most of these spearfishing bags and backpacks come with a manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. However, the warranty period and terms vary by brand and model. We recommend checking the product listing or contacting the manufacturer for more information.