The Top 5 Spearfishing Wetsuit Brands To Watch In 2021

Key Takeaway:

  • Cressi: Known for its quality and durability, Cressi wetsuits are great for both beginner and experienced spearfishers. Their neoprene material provides excellent insulation and comfort in the water.
  • Mares: With a variety of styles and materials, Mares offers wetsuits suited for different types of spearfishing. Their wetsuits are known for their durability and thermal insulation, providing comfort in both warm and cold waters.

Are you searching for a great spearfishing wetsuit to purchase this year? You’ve come to the correct spot! Stay informed on the 5 leading brands. Discover which one is ideal for you. Don’t miss out, no matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced spearfisher!

What is Spearfishing Wetsuit?

Spearfishing wetsuits are a special type of wetsuit made from neoprene, a synthetic rubber. They come as either single-piece or two-piece suits and provide protection from the cold while allowing flexibility underwater.

It’s important to consider things like fit, cut, material quality and thickness when selecting a wetsuit. For 2021, the top 5 brands to watch are Yamamoto, Heiwa and Daiwabo. They feature open cell, lined, smooth-skin, zipperless and scuba diving wetsuits. Other great brands are ONeills Psycho Tech, Rip Curls Dawn Patrol Line, VISSLA 7 Seas, and Patagonia wetsuits.

ONeill’s Original Wetsuit Line has neoprene and non-neoprene suits. Patagonia’s Yulex wetsuits are made of eco-friendly material. The budget-friendly VISSLA 7 Seas suits are great for surfers, kayakers and paddlesports.

Check size charts to get the best fit. Look out for factors like stitching, seam construction and water-resistance to ensure durability. Some brands even offer camouflage wetsuits for spearfishers who want to blend in.

When choosing a spearfishing wetsuit, consider protection, flexibility and temperature rating. Research the options, compare features and pick the one that meets your needs and budget.

Why is a good wetsuit important for Spearfishing?

Spearfishing needs a quality wetsuit! It provides warmth, protection and flexibility for those extended underwater trips. Options include two-piece, single-piece, open-cell, lined, smooth-skin and even scuba diving wetsuits. Even camouflage spearfishing wetsuits, custom wetsuits and paddle sports wetsuits can be suitable for diving.

In 2021, the top wetsuit brands have features such as waterproof neoprene, strong stitching and a comfortable fit. These are:

  • O’Neill Original Wetsuit Line, with high-quality materials and advanced tech.
  • Cressi, with wetsuits for warm and cold water.
  • Patagonia, made from eco-friendly materials and packed with innovation.
  • Rip Curl with comfort and durability.
  • Beuchat, with single-piece and two-piece suits for beginners and pros.

Don’t settle for budget wetsuits – they may be unsafe or uncomfortable. With the right wetsuit, you can stay warm, safe and stylish in the water.

Factors to consider when selecting a Spearfishing Wetsuit

When it comes to selecting a spearfishing wetsuit, several factors must be taken into account. These include diving style, climate, and personal preferences. Thickness is one of the most important aspects, ranging from 1mm to 7mm. Popular options include 3mm and 5mm. There are various types of wetsuits, like two-piece suits, single-piece suits, chest-zip, back-zip, zipperless, floaty, and sleeveless.

The material is also important. It should be comfortable and durable. Materials include open cell, closed-cell, smooth-skin, lined, and neoprene. The type of stitching used should be of good quality. Comfort is key. Choose wetsuits with tight-fitting sleeves that offer flexibility while diving. If the water’s temperature is mid-60s to low 70s, extra clothing like a neoprene headband or socks can be added.

Finally, check the seams of the wetsuit. Closed-cell and open-cell have different types of seams designed for the sportswoman or sportsman. Research these factors to find the best spearfishing wetsuit for comfort, durability, and performance.

Material and Thickness

In spearfishing, a good wetsuit is an essential piece of equipment. But with so many different wetsuit brands and options available, finding the perfect one can be overwhelming. In this section, we will delve into two of the most important factors to consider when selecting a spearfishing wetsuit: the material and thickness.

We’ll take a closer look at:

  1. what type of material is best for spearfishing
  2. what thickness to choose,

and how the thickness of the wetsuit can affect buoyancy and thermal insulation in the water.

What type of material is best?

When selecting a wetsuit for spearfishing, material is key. Neoprene is the best choice – it’s water-resistant and keeps you warm. O’Neill Original Wetsuit Line is a top brand with neoprene, durable stitching and various styles.

The thickness of the wetsuit also matters. 2-5 mm is ideal for protection and free swimming. Some brands even offer floaty suits for ease on the surface. Neoprene, open- or closed-cell, is the preferred material for divers due to flexibility and durability. Consider material, thickness and other factors when picking your next spearfishing wetsuit.

How thick should a spearfishing wetsuit be?

When selecting a spearfishing wetsuit, the thickness should be based on the water temperature. For warm waters (70°F-85°F), a 1.5-3mm single or two-piece is enough. For colder water (50°F-70°F), a 3-7mm wetsuit is recommended. There are two types of wetsuits – open-cell and closed-cell. Open-cell is more comfortable and needs maintenance, while closed-cell is durable and easy to wear. Consider your needs and diving habits to make the right choice.

When it comes to brands, there are many great options:

  • O’Neill Original offers high-quality wetsuits in various designs.
  • Cressi has both open-cell and lined wetsuits made from water-resistant neoprene.
  • Beuchat is renowned for its smooth-skin and open-cell wetsuits, known for their flexibility and fit.
  • Rob Allen provides closed-cell wetsuits for cold water diving.
  • Lastly, Mares has a good range for both cold and warm-water conditions.

Remember, the thickness is important for warmth. Choose the right one based on your needs and the water temperature.

How does the thickness of the wetsuit affect buoyancy and thermal insulation?

Thickness is key for wetsuits. It affects buoyancy and insulation. Different types of wetsuits are made for different temperatures. Here’s our top 5 wetsuit brands for 2021. They’re durable, comfy, and perform well.

  1. O’Neill Original Wetsuit Line. From 1.5mm to 7mm. Flexibility, comfort, and warmth – ideal for spearfishing and other water sports.
  2. Beuchat Mundial Elite. Warmth and movement. Sleeveless suits for warm water and chest-zip suits for cooler temps.
  3. Cressi Tecnica. Zipperless wetsuit. Amazing flexibility and insulation. Open cell neoprene seals body from water, increasing buoyancy.
  4. Salvimar N.A.T. Camu. 5.5mm and above. High-quality open cell neoprene for superior comfort and insulation.
  5. Mares Camo Brown. Thick neoprene for excellent buoyancy and insulation. Camouflage patterns for spearfishing.

Pro tip: Choose a wetsuit thickness that suits the water temperature and weather. This ensures optimal buoyancy and insulation for spearfishing.

Seams and Stitching

In the world of spearfishing, the wetsuit is an essential piece of equipment that can make or break a successful dive. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at the often-overlooked aspect of wetsuit design: seams and stitching.

We’ll explore the various types of seams and their impact on wetsuit performance, as well as the quality and durability of stitching. Additionally, we’ll examine how seams and stitching can affect the overall comfort and flexibility of a wetsuit, and why paying attention to this element is crucial for a productive dive.

Types of seams and their performance

When selecting a wetsuit for spearfishing, it’s essential to be aware of the influence of different seams on the suit’s performance. These seams are key for avoiding water from entering and impacting the insulation.

Let’s look at popular types of seams for spearfishing wetsuits:

  • Flatlock Stitching: This is the most popular choice. It involves overlapping two pieces of neoprene and stitching them together. It’s great for warm-water conditions as it allows a small amount of water to pass through and keep the body cool.
  • Blind Stitching: This seam is created by folding the edges of two pieces of neoprene together. It blocks water from passing through. This type of seam is best for cold water or when maximum warmth is needed, such as deep sea diving.

There are various types of wetsuits, including two-piece, single-piece, open-cell, smooth-skin, sleeveless, chest-zip and back-zip.

Two brands providing quality wetsuits suitable for spearfishing in 2021 are ONeill and Original Wetsuit Line.

By learning about the seams and their effect on performance, you can pick the right wetsuit for your spearfishing needs.

Stitching quality and durability

When it comes to spearfishing, the stitching quality and durability of your wetsuit is key. Here’s a list of the top 5 wetsuit brands for 2021 and the stitching techniques they use:

  1. O’Neill – The Original Line: Fluid seam weld technology with blind-stitching seams and internal silicone-based urethane.
  2. Cressi – Single and Two-Piece: Glued-and-blind stitched seams for water-tightness and durability.
  3. Rob Allen – Open-Cell: Glue-and-stitch bonding to reinforce and strengthen seams.
  4. Riffe – Sleeveless and Two-Piece: Flatstitched seams for enhanced reliability and durability.
  5. Beuchat – Smooth-Skin: Double-thickness off-set glued seams for resilience and abrasion-resistance.

When spearfishing, invest in a high-quality wetsuit with good stitching. Prioritize quality and durability for a great experience.

How do the seams affect the flexibility and comfort of the wetsuit?

Seams and stitching in wetsuits are big factors for flexibility and comfort. Open cell or smooth-skin wetsuits (made of neoprene without external lining) are more flexible than other types of diving suits. It’s essential to choose a wetsuit with the right stitching, as the seams greatly impact its flexibility.

O’Neill Original Wetsuit Line is a top brand for 2021 and they offer various styles with unique seam placement. Sleeveless wetsuits are good for warm water temperatures, while chest-zip wetsuits are better for cold water. Back-zip wetsuits are common, but may cause chafing or irritation.

To prolong your wetsuit’s life, rinse it with fresh water after each use and store it in a cool, dry place away from the sun. When editing an article related to wetsuits, it is important to avoid redundancy.

Fit and Comfort

When it comes to spearfishing, having the right wetsuit can be the difference between an enjoyable and successful outing, and a miserable one. In this section, we’ll examine the importance of fit and comfort when choosing a spearfishing wetsuit. We’ll provide guidance on how to choose the correct size, and offer tips to ensure maximum comfort and flexibility while diving. Finally, we will explore stretch and flexibility considerations that should be taken into account when shopping for a spearfishing wetsuit, and highlight the top five brands that prioritize fit and comfort in their designs.

Fit and Comfort-The Top 5 Spearfishing Wetsuit Brands to Watch in 2021,

Image credits: spearfishinglog.com by Yuval Woodhock

How to choose the right size?

When selecting a wetsuit for your spearfishing session, size is key. You have two options – one-piece or two-piece. With a two-piece, you can choose different sizes for each piece. Single-piece wetsuits give more insulation and are simpler to put on/take off.

To pick the correct size, consider these points:

  • The wetsuit must cover neck to ankle
  • Check manufacturer’s size chart for correct weight range
  • Measure chest, waist & hips for ideal fit

Famous wetsuit brands like O’Neill have their own size chart. Open cell wetsuits fit better but require a larger size due to their snugness. Ultimately, to get the best fit and comfort, refer to the size chart and keep measurements in mind.

How should a wetsuit fit for maximum comfort and flexibility?

Getting the perfect fit for your wetsuit is a must for spearfishing! So, here are some great fitting tips:

  1. Check the size chart – Wetsuit sizes vary from brand to brand, so consult the sizing chart before you buy.
  2. Make sure it’s snug – The wetsuit should fit like a second skin, not too tight to restrict movement or breathing.
  3. Seal the edges – Wetsuits come with various sealing options, like glued and blind-stitched seams, liquid seams, and taped seams. Make sure these are sealed properly to keep water out.
  4. Try it on – If possible, try the wetsuit on before you buy it. Move around to check out the mobility and flexibility.
  5. Check out O’Neill Original – This line is renowned for its fit, comfort, and flexibility, making it a favorite for spearfishing.

It’s better to go for a slightly tighter fit as wetsuits can stretch out over time. Plus, remember to rinse your wetsuit in fresh water after use and hang it to dry in the shade. With these tips, you’ll be comfortable and flexible during your spearfishing adventures!

Stretch and flexibility considerations when shopping for a spearfishing wetsuit

Stretch and flexibility are must-haves when shopping for a spearfishing wetsuit. Different types of suits exist, so finding the right fit and comfort is key. Focus on features of the top wetsuit brands for maximum flexibility and stretch.

Like the “O’Neill Original Wetsuit Line.” It’s a sought-after model with one-piece and two-piece options. TechnoButter Neoprene fabric offers four-way stretch technology. Super-stretchy neoprene in strategic locations enhances the wetsuit’s stretch capabilities.

Cressi also offers a wide range of spearfishing wetsuits. Its two-piece wetsuits are popular for their stretchy neoprene material. Rob Allen wetsuits provide high-quality neoprene which glides over your skin and offers ample stretch.

Pro tip: When choosing a spearfishing wetsuit, make sure it fits snugly and provides plenty of mobility.

Top 5 Spearfishing Wetsuit Brands

Are you a spearfishing enthusiast in need of a new wetsuit? Look no further than our list of the top 5 spearfishing wetsuit brands for 2021. In this section, we will explore each brand in depth, highlighting their unique features and what sets them apart from the rest. From a focus on eco-friendly materials to cutting-edge technology, these brands are at the forefront of innovation in the spearfishing world. So let’s take a closer look and see what these top 5 brands have to offer.

Brand 1

When it comes to spearfishing, the right wetsuit is essential for comfort and safety. Here are the top 5 spearfishing wetsuit brands to look out for in 2021. They each provide two-piece and single-piece wetsuits.

  1. O’Neill Original Wetsuit Line: O’Neill has over 60 years of expertise. Their single-piece suits offer warmth and long-lasting durability. Plus, their two-piece option offers flexibility.
  2. Brand 1 (insert name): This brand has top-notch materials and ergonomic design. Single-piece wetsuits are best for colder water, while two-piece wetsuits are perfect for warmer temperatures.
  3. (Insert Name): This brand focuses on sustainability without sacrificing quality or performance. Their single-piece wetsuits have advanced heat-trapping features, and the two-pieces offer a balance between comfort and functionality.
  4. (Insert Name): This brand is known for customizable fit and features. Their single-piece wetsuits are flexible and provide great insulation. And their two-piece wetsuits come in many colors and styles.
  5. (Insert Name): This brand has budget-friendly and high-end wetsuits. Their two-piece wetsuits are great for beginners, and their single-piece wetsuits have cutting-edge technology for more experienced divers.

Pro tip: When shopping for a spearfishing wetsuit, consider the water temperature, dive duration, and comfort preferences. This will help you find the best brand and type for you.

Brand 2

Brand 2 is famous in the world of spearfishing wetsuits. They offer high-quality one-piece and two-piece options. Their most popular is the ONeill Original Wetsuit line. It has great materials, long-lasting quality and snug comfort.

For 2021, these are the top 5 spearfishing wetsuit brands:

  1. Brand 1 – They design stylish and practical wetsuits. Plus, they’re eco-friendly.
  2. Brand 2 – Their ONeill Original wetsuit line is top-notch. It’s warm, flexible and buoyant.
  3. Brand 3 – They offer custom wetsuits. You can get one made to your size.
  4. Brand 4 – Their wetsuits are super durable. They’re made of strong materials.
  5. Brand 5 – They have affordable options. Both beginners and experts can benefit.

Brand 3

Spearfishing wetsuits are a must for optimum comfort, flexibility and heat. Here are the 5 top spearfishing wetsuit brands for 2021:

  1. Rob Allen: Durable and high-performance. Maximum flex and warmth for cold water.
  2. Riffe: Premium, lightweight neoprene for insulation and movement.
  3. Salvimar: Advanced neoprene materials for durability and flexibility.
  4. Picasso: High-performance for all levels of spearfishing, designed for comfort, flexibility and warmth.
  5. Beuchat: Over 80 years in the business. Top quality for pros and amateurs. Elaskin technology for great insulation and flex in cold water.

Investing in a quality wetsuit from these brands is a good idea – no matter your level of spearfishing!

Brand 4

Spearfishing wetsuits have plenty of options. We’ll focus on Brand 4, one of the top 5 to watch in 2021. Rob Allen is the other name for this brand. They offer snug fits with open-cell neoprene. It’s perfect if you want a wetsuit that fits like a second skin.

Investing in a good quality spearfishing wetsuit is a must. Single-piece wetsuits are simple to put on and take off. Two-piece wetsuits provide more flexibility and warmth. Brand 4 offers both types.

The right wetsuit can help you dive longer, perform better and enjoy your underwater experience more. Make sure you choose a wetsuit that meets your needs and preferences.

Brand 5

Spearfishing wetsuits are essential for keeping you warm and safe in the ocean’s cold and unpredictable waters. Here are the best 5 brands for your wetsuit needs:

  1. Beuchat: This 85-year-old company’s neoprene suits are ergonomically cut and reinforced. Single-piece suits offer full coverage and warmth. Two-piece suits provide flexibility and freedom of movement.
  2. Cressi: Their wetsuits have thermal-taped seams, adjustable hoods, and reinforced knee pads. Single-piece suits provide superior warmth and protection. Two-piece suits are versatile.
  3. Rob Allen: Durable neoprene and reinforced stitching make their wetsuits tough. Single-piece suits offer added warmth and insulation. Two-piece suits have customizable sizing and good mobility.
  4. OMER: Preformed anatomical cuts, flexible neoprene, and comfort make up their wetsuits. Single-piece suits give full protection and optimal warmth. Two-piece suits provide warmth and flexibility.
  5. Mares: Glide skin seals, back zippers, and reinforced knees make their wetsuits durable and comfortable. Single-piece suits offer complete coverage and warmth. Two-piece suits are great for layering and buoyancy control.

Choose either single-piece or two-piece – these 5 spearfishing wetsuit brands have you covered!

Factors to consider when choosing a Spearfishing Wetsuit brand

Choosing a spearfishing wetsuit brand? Consider several factors. Material, size, thickness, and comfort are key. Select a brand that fits well and keeps you warm. Two main types exist: two-piece and single-piece suits. Two-piece offer flexibility and mobility. Single-piece provide extra cold protection.

The top 5 brands for 2021? Rob Allen, Cressi, Beuchat, Omer, and Picasso. All have features like quality wetsuits from neoprene, suits for different water temperatures, designs for both spearfishing and free diving, great insulation, and comfort and durability.

Before buying, think about type of diving, water temperatures, and how often you’ll use the suit. That way you can pick a brand that suits your needs.

Our top pick for the best Spearfishing Wetsuit brand.

OMER is the best brand for spearfishing wetsuits! Their options include single and two-piece wetsuits made with durable, flexible material. It’s worth looking into the other top brands of 2021. Here are the top 5:

  1. OMER – high-quality, flexible suits.
  2. Cressi – wetsuits for all levels of divers.
  3. Beuchat – eco-friendly materials and designs.
  4. Salvimar – excellent value, two-piece options.
  5. Rob Allen – high-performance suits that provide warmth and flexibility.

No matter your choice, these brands will give you a comfortable and quality wetsuit for your spearfishing adventure!

Five Facts About The Top 5 Spearfishing Wetsuit Brands to Watch in 2021:

  • ✅ Cressi is a top spearfishing wetsuit brand that has been producing quality wetsuits for over 70 years. (Source: Cressi)
  • ✅ Rob Allen is a top spearfishing wetsuit brand that incorporates the latest advances in neoprene technology to create high-performance wetsuits. (Source: Rob Allen)
  • ✅ Yazbeck is a top spearfishing wetsuit brand that specializes in custom-made wetsuits to ensure a perfect fit. (Source: Yazbeck)
  • ✅ OMER is a top spearfishing wetsuit brand that uses innovative materials such as Yamamoto neoprene and thermoplastic polyurethane for superior comfort and durability. (Source: OMER)
  • ✅ Beuchat is a top spearfishing wetsuit brand that prides itself on producing environmentally-friendly wetsuits made from recycled materials. (Source: Beuchat)

FAQs about The Top 5 Spearfishing Wetsuit Brands To Watch In 2021

What are the top 5 spearfishing wetsuit brands to watch in 2021?

The top 5 spearfishing wetsuit brands to watch in 2021 are Cressi, Rob Allen, Beuchat, Salvimar, and Omer. These brands have a long-standing reputation for producing high-quality wetsuits that are durable and designed specifically for spearfishing.

What is the difference between a two-piece wetsuit and a single piece wetsuit?

A two-piece wetsuit consists of separate pieces for the jacket and the pants, while a single piece wetsuit is an all-in-one design. Two-piece wetsuits are often preferred by spearfishers as they provide more versatility in terms of temperature control and flexibility.

What material should I look for in a spearfishing wetsuit?

Neoprene is the most common material used in spearfishing wetsuits, as it provides thermal insulation and flexibility. Look for wetsuits with a high-quality, thick neoprene that will keep you warm in cold water environments.

What thickness should my spearfishing wetsuit be?

The thickness of your spearfishing wetsuit really depends on the water temperature you will be diving in. For colder water, a thicker wetsuit is required, while for warmer water, a thinner wetsuit is sufficient. As a general rule, 5mm wetsuits are best suited for colder water, while 3mm wetsuits are better suited for warmer water.

Which spearfishing wetsuits are best for deep diving?

When it comes to deep diving, you’ll want a wetsuit that provides excellent insulation and is comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time. Beuchat and Salvimar both offer wetsuits specifically designed for deep diving that are constructed from high-quality neoprene and provide excellent insulation.

How should I care for my spearfishing wetsuit?

To keep your spearfishing wetsuit in good condition, rinse it thoroughly with fresh water after each use and hang it up to dry in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight or extreme heat, which can damage the neoprene. It’s also important to store your wetsuit flat or hanging, rather than folded, to prevent creases from forming.